Full Fairings!

22 11 2009

A kind soul named serjohn on VFRWorld.com was offering a chin fairing for the price of shipping. When i contacted him about it, he mentioned he had an aftermarket fairing set that was in decent condition which he would let go for a nominal fee. So for $55 (25 for the fairings + $30 for shipping), i got a full fairing set! They’re in much better condition than i thought they would be. Woohoo!

I like these fairings first off, because they were a steal. Second because these go back farther towards the rear wheel than others i’ve seen (the airtech-streamlining type: http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/hondaz/VF5001983-86.htm), and the one that the Nationals Fiberglass guy makes has cutouts for the alternator and other casing cover on the other side). These don’t have that cutout, which works out better for me since i’m getting rid of those things. Also, the fourth picture shows the extra space on the outside of the frame which i may be able to use for more battery space. I’m not sure about that given the internal frame.

I’m still working on dismantling things. I’m working on getting the engine ready for removal. The Clymer book says to remove things like the starter motor and alternator before removing the engine, but i’m not really sure i need to so that.