ReFuel Races!

5 07 2013

this is a collection of video clips from 3 of the 4 races that we ran.

The ReFuel races, run by SpeedVentures is a chance for anyone with an EV to get on the famed Laguna Seca racetrack for some friendly races.  I was lucky enough to be able to take my bike on the track.  This was my first time on any racetrack, and Laguna Seca is a great track for motorcycles.  I knew when i showed up that i’m a newbie so my skills wouldn’t be very good, and that my motorcycle would possibly be as good as other home built conversions, but not as powerful as any of the current crop of production electric motorcycles.

As it turned out, most of the bikes were production Brammo Empulses, or production Zero S/DS/FX bikes.  There were two other home built motorcycles, both of which were quite a bit faster than mine flat out.  Also, Brammo had their race team out with Eric Bostrom and Shelina Moreda. Needless to say, i was a little worried about being a traffic cone out there.

Thankfully, everyone was great.  All of the other racers (including the pros), were nice and gave each other helping hands.

As expected, I was one of the slowest bikes out there.  I know my skills are newbie by comparison, but i think i could have fared ok against a couple of the other newbies if my bike had more power.

All in all, it was a fantastic day, and I can’t wait to go back.  🙂

Water Cooling!

5 07 2013

So, for a while, i’ve been having overheating issues with my motor. Mainly, the bike + rider are about 680 lbs. The awesome EnerTrac motor is really meant for a smaller load than this. This means that I have to put more current (power) into the motor for everyday driving. More current means more heat, and eventually the motor overheats.

Mark at EnerTrac has been working on a water cooled version of the hub motor. How does one water cool a hub motor you ask? Well, the water flows in and out of the axle, which is where the stator is anyway. Mark also graciously helped me by changing the axle out for a water cooled version, and i worked on installing a water cooling system for a couple of weeks.

This is a video of me just before i turned the water cooling on as Mark had asked me for pictures of the setup so that he could tell me if everything was ok.

We think the radiator is small, so the cooling may not be as great as we need. I’m still riding it with the new system, so i’m not sure. I think he’s right, but it’ll probably take a few more rides to see for sure.

TTXGP 2011: Infineon Raceway Photos

15 05 2011

Hey folks, so lots has happened since i blogged last.  For one, i had my elmoto painted and have been working furiously to get it done in time to show for this past weekend’s TTXGP race.  I wasn’t racing of course, but wanted to bring it to the race to show to the other folks.  I’ll post more soon about the troubles i’ve been having, but i wanted to get a post up with some of the pics that I was able to get during the day.

Thanks to Azhar, Rupal, and the TTXGP, i was able to get a photographer’s pass to the race.  This let me get trackside access to take photoss.  I agreed to let them have the photos i took in exchange.  This was an awesome deal as it was a total blast to get so close and take photos.

So without further ado…

OMG…First (Franken)ride!

17 04 2011

Hell yeah!

I got the bike back from GPSports on friday.  Actually, it was ready earlier than that, but i wasn’t able to get back to the shop to pick it up until friday.

Batteries and frame (and working brakes!) after coming home from the shop.

Bike with the new LEAF in the background! All Electric baby!

After getting it home, i decided to get a test (aka frankenride… Read the rest of this entry »


13 04 2011

So, last week, i was able to put new brake rotors and pads on all three of the brakes (the bike has 2 front discs and 1 rear) bled the systems, and thought i had everything up to snuff.

New Front discs and pads

Unfortunately, after i got everything done, they didn’t work properly.  They were sticking closed… Read the rest of this entry »

Wiring Diagrams

19 02 2011

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the wiring of the bike.  Originally, i was thinking about how the main traction pack wiring was going to work (how each of the sets of cells would hook up to each other), and came up with this:

First wiring diagram

However, once i started down this path, i started trying to figure out where more and more of the parts would go.  Mainly, i wanted to do this because although I’ve tinkered with some electrical appliances and whatnot, i’ve never worked with this much electricity in terms of voltage nor amperage.  So, i’ve got a healthy amount of fear (hopefully enough) about working with this stuff.  As i keep telling myself as i’m working around the batteries “this crap can kill you…so be careful”.


In any case, I drew some diagrams on paper, but it wasn’t working out very well.  So, around september, i started laying out all of the pieces of the project as best as i could in a drawing program.  The first “real” diagram is shown here:

v1.1: The first version of the "real" wiring diagram.

Every time i figured out a bit more, i’d update the diagram… Read the rest of this entry »

things are happening fast

16 02 2011

hey there.

I know i don’t post much anymore.  Mainly it’s because whenver i get a free moment…and i do really mean any moment at all, i go out to the garage and work on the bike.

I recently have the electronics almost all mounted, and i decided to go with making plugs for most all of the connectors instead of using terminal strips.  This was probably overkill in a lot of ways, but so is the rest of the bike!  Also, the plugs let me put things in and take them out (which i tend to do a lot!)

I need to take some photos and process the many videos soon…