Could the welding finally be done?

8 12 2010

So, today i went a-welding again. Maybe for the last time on the project! I welded tabs onto the frame to mount the sheet of aluminum that holds the electronics, as well as made one major modification of the battery frame because there was one section that was too short.

The only pic i have so far is this one that I was using to show the “thinking stool” over at (!-(again…))… Read the rest of this entry »


Bench Testing the Motor

1 12 2010

i’ve been trying to bench test the motor to ensure that:

  • Everything works
  • I know how to wire things without something going “boom”.

Upon the first try, it failed.  I had most everything setup properly,… Read the rest of this entry »

Fun at the TTXGP practice runs today.

14 05 2010

So, i’m back from the TTXGP practice runs today at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA.  Ok, so it’s actually the “AMA Moto Jam”, but i’m mainly interested in the TTXGP race and teams.

Going into the event, i had no idea what it was going to Read the rest of this entry »

and more battery frame ideas

13 03 2010

As i as describing in my previous post, i’ve been struggling with how to make sure that the batteries stay in the frames.  I went over a bunch of different ideas, and thought the latest plan was to weld or epoxy bars to the Thundersky  end plates sort of like this:

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

Then, tapping holes in the bars/end plate and using screws to keep them anchored to the angle aluminum. This allowed me to keep all of the … Read the rest of this entry »

Making Thundersky Packs

4 02 2010

Ack, no updates in a long time.  There’s actually been a bunch of stuff going on too!

In the middle of January, i received my batteries from Thundersky and EVComponents.  Woo!  Here are a couple of iPhone pics of the batteries.

The box of Thundersky batteries with a 6 pack pulled out.

Another view of the batteries

Unfortunately, when i ordered the batteries, Read the rest of this entry »

More Battery Mockups!

8 12 2009
Woohoo! I got an inspiration for working with different battery orientations after looking at some bikes from a professional electric motorcycle designer (Justin G) that i got from an posting. In particular, this one:…uper-bike.html (click on the image to get a better look). I’m still working off of mockups with a fair amount of slop (and i’m not sure how much i’m going to need between the packs), but i’m hoping this works…it’s now 36 in the frame!
Here are two diagrams showing layouts…

Original battery layout (30 cells)

New battery layout (36 cells) as of 2009-12-08

What i’m looking for in a bike

17 11 2009

So, i mentioned in an earlier post that i originally thought i’d be able to build a bike for a couple grand.  Well, after thinking about my desires for an electric motorcycle, that cost jumped a bit….ok more than a bit.

What i’m hoping to get in the end is a motorcycle that will:

  • go 65-70mph (highway speed)
  • get at least 55 miles per charge, but hopefully more than that
  • have enough acceleration to beat out your average car from a stop when driving in traffic.  This isn’t particularly hard since most people don’t gun it from the line at a stop light. But my scooter is underpowered so accelerates pretty slowly.

That being said, i decided to throw as much in the way of batteries as i thought i’d be able to get away with. A guy in Florida with the screen name “remotecontact” on started on a project similar to me a few weeks before i got started.  He started with a 2009 Ninja 250 and is planning on using the same EnerTrac hub motor, with 32 Thundersky 60Ah batteries.  that works out to 6.1KWh.

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