Happy New Year…& I’m back!

1 01 2011

Happy New Year!  Here’s looking to a great 2011!

So, as of last week, i’m walking again.  This is good news ‘cuz I can now pick up my daughter again, and also because i can work in the garage!

In the last couple of days, i’ve done a bunch of stuff… Read the rest of this entry »

Electronics Mounting

6 12 2010

Well, every day brings a little more progress, which is good.  The current issue is how to mount the electronics to the motorcycle frame.

I have a sheet of 1/8″ aluminum that i’ve cut to the right size, but still the issue is how to make sure i can create and mount stands on the moto frame (or battery frame) that will be secure and strong.

I do have one idea that involves welding tabs onto the moto frame that and then bolting some stands on to the tabs.  If i can, i’ll draw it up.

That’s it for now.