and more battery frame ideas

13 03 2010

As i as describing in my previous post, i’ve been struggling with how to make sure that the batteries stay in the frames.  I went over a bunch of different ideas, and thought the latest plan was to weld or epoxy bars to the Thundersky  end plates sort of like this:

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

Then, tapping holes in the bars/end plate and using screws to keep them anchored to the angle aluminum. This allowed me to keep all of the … Read the rest of this entry »

New Battery Layouts (with CAD drawings)

15 12 2009

So, in my last post, i was mentioning that i can’t do CAD, and that i wished i could to get a better picture of how the batteries, battery tray/frame, and moto frame would fit together.

So, one night last week when i couldn’t sleep, i tried out Google Sketchup, a 3D modeling program.  Working on modeling is way different than i’m used to.  But i was able to stumble through to generate a representation of a battery.

Scale model of Thundersky 60Ah battery

From there, i did different sized packs of batteries, Read the rest of this entry »