Water Cooling!

5 07 2013

So, for a while, i’ve been having overheating issues with my motor. Mainly, the bike + rider are about 680 lbs. The awesome EnerTrac motor is really meant for a smaller load than this. This means that I have to put more current (power) into the motor for everyday driving. More current means more heat, and eventually the motor overheats.

Mark at EnerTrac has been working on a water cooled version of the hub motor. How does one water cool a hub motor you ask? Well, the water flows in and out of the axle, which is where the stator is anyway. Mark also graciously helped me by changing the axle out for a water cooled version, and i worked on installing a water cooling system for a couple of weeks.

This is a video of me just before i turned the water cooling on as Mark had asked me for pictures of the setup so that he could tell me if everything was ok.

We think the radiator is small, so the cooling may not be as great as we need. I’m still riding it with the new system, so i’m not sure. I think he’s right, but it’ll probably take a few more rides to see for sure.


Richard230 at National Plugin Day

23 09 2012

Today was National Plugin Day (http://www.facebook.com/nationalpluginday), and i got the bike put back together to take it to our local EAA’s EV Rally.  I was able to meet Richard230 from Elmoto.net.  It was fun to finally meet him. 🙂

Richard230 at National Plugin Day

I was also able to hand out a bunch of cards, so if you’re checking out the site for the first time and have questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me.


1000 Miles!

11 04 2012


That’s not bad considering my commute to work is only 3 miles each way, and i don’t do any highway riding (more ‘cuz of me than the bike).  🙂

BTW, i actually hit 1000 all-electric miles on the bike about 2 months ago, but i forgot to blog about it.  Oops. 🙂

Speed Test!

27 09 2011

Hey folks, i did a max speed test on the bike about a month ago.  Here’s a pic from it:

Speed Test!

And also a video:

72 mph on the GPS! 75 on the spedometer!

Talk to EAASV

22 08 2011

At last month’s Electric Automobile Association of Silicon Valley (http://www.eaasv.org) meeting, I offered to give a talk about my build at some point.  They asked me to give a talk at this month’s meeting which was this past weekend.  I wasn’t sure how long it’d go, and was somewhat scared that i’d get up there and have nothing to talk about.  Well, i was a little bit wrong as the talk went almost 55 minutes.  The group is great since they’re obviously of like minds, and some are very technical so there were lots of good questions.

Also in attendance was Mr. Lightning Motorcycles: Richard Hatfield, just 3 days off of his team’s record breaking land speed record for an elmoto at 218 mph! (Video here of a run that’s only 216 mph).

I recorded the talk and put it up on youtube:

TTXGP Laguna Seca Race Day!

25 07 2011

Here’s the next set of photos from TTXGP Laguna Seca: Race Day!

I’ll post more about the experience and the race later, but here’s the pics first!

TTXGP Laguna Seca Practice Rounds (Saturday)

23 07 2011

I volunteered to shoot photos again for Azhar and Rupal from the TTXGP at the Laguna Seca race.  Rupal was able to get me media credentials, so I spent saturday at the track mainly hiking all over the place trying to find good places to shoot from.  Mainly i practiced with the gassers, but got some good shots during the TTXGP/FIM round as well.  Here they are.

The Mission bike is FAST.  Best lap of 1:31, which is faster than some of the 600 bikes, and less than 10 seconds behind the fastest 600 lap.

So here are some pics.