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Hi folks.

I’m Alex, and i’m the creator of this blog.  In it, i’m hoping to cover the things i’m doing to convert a 1985 Honda VF500F “Interceptor” gas powered motorcycle to an all electric version.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of some truly awesome folks over at http://www.elmoto.net.

Let me know if you have any questions, i’m more than happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading.


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27 02 2010
Lance Budris


I have been following your blog and your posts on elmoto.net lately. I have always wanted to try my own conversion but have never had the opportunity. I have been a ducati sportbike enthusiasts and rider for over 20 yrs and have had more than a passing interest in EVs. I presently own a Ford Ranger EV and a Vectrix scooter which are charged off my home’s PV system. Your blog and posts have inspired me but I am more than a little hesitant by the technical difficulties. I have recently acquired a 1991 Ducati 907ie Paso that I think would be an ideal conversion. I am a physician with rudimentary electrical and mechanical skills that may not be adequate for a big project like this but I think it would be quite the learning experience. Do you have any advice before I undertake this project? If you are familiar with the Paso, do you have any suggestions on which components that you would use?

Lance Budris MD

7 03 2010

Hi Lance. Sorry, i didn’t see your comment until just now.

Working on an electric motorcycle is something that is pretty new to me too. I was hesitant, but felt that if i took it slow, it would be possible. The good thing about electric vehicles is that the drive system is considerably less complex than an internal combustion drive system. The main parts are the batteries, motor controller, and controller. There are a bunch of other items that you’ll need, but conceptually there isn’t that much to it.

Since you already have a Vectrix (Nice, BTW!) and an ICE moto, you probably already have an understanding of what a moto vs. an electric moto can do.

So, suggestions on what to do next. A couple of things, one of the first things i’d suggest is to get yourself an account on Elmoto.net (http://www.elmoto.net), and introduce yourself and your desired project. There are a bunch of very helpful and knowledgeable people on that site, and i most certainly would not have even attempted my build without their assistance.

There are a couple of books you can read such as “Build your own Electric Vehicle” (http://www.amazon.com/Build-Your-Own-Electric-Vehicle/dp/0071543732/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1268006172&sr=8-1). I’ve got a couple others, though personally, i find them pretty repetitive, so one is often enough. There’s another book that’s specifically for motorcycles (http://www.amazon.com/Build-Electric-Motorcycle-Green-Guides/dp/0071622934/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1268006202&sr=1-1), and also “Secrets of El Ninja” (i don’t have that one…but i’ve heard it’s pretty good).

Don’t be too afraid, it’s a super fun journey. I’ve learned a TON so far, and have met some great people along the way (most on elmoto.net, but elsewhere as well).

Please let me know if i can help in any way. Good Luck! Let me know how your conversion goes!


6 08 2010

Hey, great project! I tore down my vf700f after converting it to electric. I though I’d mention that you should have no problem fitting the batteries.
I had 8 optima D34/78 batteries in the same area you plan to have your Thundersky pack. I have a suggestion and can email pictures if you need.
I built a battery holder which held three Optimas going through the bike and extending past the frame on each side 6″. The holder was constructed of angle iron the length of ~21″ and a width of~9″. I then welded two mounts to the front/inside frame area and welded to pieces (on the battery tray) of flat iron for rear mounts. I attached the rear mounts with bolts to existing brackets on the upper/mid frame. With a similar battery tray, you’d have room for about 20 cells. You’ll have tons of room left for even more batteries elsewhere…and be able to use the tank as a trunk.

6 08 2010

Sorry, I meant 10 cells in the battery tray, but you can likely make adjustments to fit more.

23 03 2010
David Herron

Just came across your blog, you shoulda told me about this. Anyway I’ve added it to the blog & podcast directory at wwwatts.net – see: http://wwwatts.net/source/honda-vf500-interceptor-electric-conversion-electriceptor – if you have any questions just shoot me an email or talk with me at the next EAASV meeting. Hope to see you come to the meeting on the bike soon.

22 06 2013

Hi Alex,

Hope your still monitoring this site. I was able to get a vf500 and want to convert it. Your site is great. Can you email me the original Google sketch up drawings so I can modify them for my build. Thanks for the help.


2 05 2014
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9 12 2014

Hello Alex

I found a link to this blog from Sparkfun where under CAN-BUS shield product you were mentioning that you have been using Arduino CAN-shield with Sevcon controllers.
We are also planning to use Arduinos to control Sevcon controllers and I would highly appreciate if you would find time to share hints or advice, what to keep in mind in this sort of concept.


8 01 2015
Julia Chernushevich

Hi there,

I read on Sparkfun that you were using the CAN-BUS Shield with an Ardiuno, and communicating with your Sevcon Gen4 Controller. How far did you get with that? I am about to start a similar project (not a bike though). I wanted to learn from you.

Thanks in advance, and great blog! Love what you’re doing 🙂


8 01 2015

Hi Julia.

I was able to decipher basic CANOpen SDO and PDOs manually, and then figure out the Object IDs of particular CANOpen messages I was interested in. In particular, my application only monitors data from the controller (it doesn’t change controller behavior.

I’d be happy to share code, although all i have is the code for my logger which does a bunch of different things (on top of reading data from the SevCon) and the code is kinda ugly too. Let me know how I can help.

13 01 2015
Julia Chernushevich

Hi Alex,

I’m looking to do the same (listen, but not modify). I would love to see your code, it would be a great reference as I try to build a similar datalogger for my needs (electric car).



12 02 2015
Julia Chernushevich

Bump 🙂

31 05 2015

GAH. Sorry about not getting back to you. If you still want the code, let me know.

31 05 2015

Hello Alex,

I searched for a donor bike for quite some time and just recently found it. A 1984 VF1000 that was someone’s 99% complete parts bike they wanted to sell. THEN I stumbled upon your blog, how awesome is that! I’ve just joined the Elmoto forum and have been soaking up as much info as I can.

Might have a few questions for you in the coming months 🙂


31 05 2015

Awesome. Elmoto is still a great place all these years later. I’d be happy to help in whatever way I can. Good Luck!

29 05 2019
Gustafson John

I’m a struggling enertrac/kelly controller user. Wondering if we can talk or chat.
I’ve converted a CB750 to electric. I have a 602 and a kelly khb 12301 controller.
I’ve tried following the wiring and it just does not work. I finally tried other combos and got motion, but lots of cogging with no real torque.
Any and all help would be Greatly appreciated. I think I’ve worn out my welcome with Mark at Enertrac and Fany at Kelly. I’m very frustrated trying to get this working.
Here is a video of latest attempt.

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