About Electriceptor

Electriceptor is a 1985 Honda VF500F “Interceptor” that I bought off craigslist.  It is the rolling donor chassis that I plan to convert to a fully electric motorcycle.

Here’s a picture of it in all of it’s original, and somewhat beat-up glory:

The original donor bike

Well, that comment was from 2009. Now, Electriceptor is the fully converted 1985 VF500F that i’ve been riding for a year and a half.

Here’s what it looks like going at around 72mph (that’s not me riding it BTW):
The original donor bike
Here are some specs:

  • Donor: 1985 Honda VF500F “Interceptor”
  • Motor: Enertrac MH602 Hub 10kW hub motor (http://enertrac.net/product.php)
  • Batteries: 118V nominal (36S1P) pack of Thundersky TS-LFP60AHA Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) 60Ah
  • Controller: Kelly Controller KBL12401IC 120V/400A controller Sevcon Gen4 Size 4 120V/300A controller
  • Charger: rebadged ElCon 1500W charging to 138.6V @ 10A.
  • Range: about 50 miles
  • Top Speed: 72-75mph (with kelly controller, sevcon top speed tests still coming)
  • Weight: Approx 465 lbs.

2 responses

3 04 2010

Hey, I converted a 1986 VF500F to electric power and have run it for 500 miles without issues. Bounce some questions off me if you like. I’m over-exciting a 2HP 24V DC motor with 36VDC. Three 12VDC AGM wired in series. A traction controller designed for a forklift is stuffed in what was the gas tank. Even have the battery charger on-board.

Actually getting ready to list the bike for sale, but would be happy to assist if needed.


24 05 2012
Patrick Walter

I am thinking about using Enertrac’s dual MHM602 motor setup, but i am a little torn between that and the AC20. I am curious, how does the dual motor wiring work and how does it affect the performance and efficiency? Is it wired in parallel?

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