Water Cooling!

5 07 2013

So, for a while, i’ve been having overheating issues with my motor. Mainly, the bike + rider are about 680 lbs. The awesome EnerTrac motor is really meant for a smaller load than this. This means that I have to put more current (power) into the motor for everyday driving. More current means more heat, and eventually the motor overheats.

Mark at EnerTrac has been working on a water cooled version of the hub motor. How does one water cool a hub motor you ask? Well, the water flows in and out of the axle, which is where the stator is anyway. Mark also graciously helped me by changing the axle out for a water cooled version, and i worked on installing a water cooling system for a couple of weeks.

This is a video of me just before i turned the water cooling on as Mark had asked me for pictures of the setup so that he could tell me if everything was ok.

We think the radiator is small, so the cooling may not be as great as we need. I’m still riding it with the new system, so i’m not sure. I think he’s right, but it’ll probably take a few more rides to see for sure.



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