13 04 2011

So, last week, i was able to put new brake rotors and pads on all three of the brakes (the bike has 2 front discs and 1 rear) bled the systems, and thought i had everything up to snuff.

New Front discs and pads

Unfortunately, after i got everything done, they didn’t work properly.  They were sticking closed…  I looked on the net and asked around and it’s probably one of a couple of things:

  • Sticky seals or O-rings in the brake caliper.
  • A clogged or bad master cylinder (something about a release valve that may be clogged or jammed)
  • bad brake lines.
Being that it could be a bunch of different things, i decided to take the bike to a shop.  Finding a place that will work on the bike has been a bit difficult.  There’s a shop local in Mountain View that has a blanket “we won’t work on any bike that’s older than 15 years old” (the donor bike is an 85, so that’s a bit past their cutoff).  Other places said they won’t work on the bike unless they order and install the discs and pads (which i already did).
So i ended up talking to Dave at GP Sports in Santa Clara (  He was super cool and said they could deal with my bike no problem (especially since this was a pretty stock component).  I took it to them on monday and they’re going to have it done for me today.
Once i get it back, i should be able to get a frankenride going pretty quick.



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