OMG…First (Franken)ride!

17 04 2011

Hell yeah!

I got the bike back from GPSports on friday. ¬†Actually, it was ready earlier than that, but i wasn’t able to get back to the shop to pick it up until friday.

Batteries and frame (and working brakes!) after coming home from the shop.

Bike with the new LEAF in the background! All Electric baby!

After getting it home, i decided to get a test (aka frankenride… Read the rest of this entry »


13 04 2011

So, last week, i was able to put new brake rotors and pads on all three of the brakes (the bike has 2 front discs and 1 rear) bled the systems, and thought i had everything up to snuff.

New Front discs and pads

Unfortunately, after i got everything done, they didn’t work properly. ¬†They were sticking closed… Read the rest of this entry »