More Wiring Diagrams

20 02 2011

Well, there’s been more wiring diagram stuff going on since last night.  Turns out that I do have an ElCon charger (well…sort of.  Elcon chargers are a rebranded version of a charger that’s made by some unknown corporation.  Although mine doesn’t say elcon, that’s what it is).

In any case, the elcon chargers have a bms control cable, so there’s no reason to use the external AC high current relay to shut the charger off.

I checked it out and shorting the two “pigtail” wires (i have the two wire pigtail bms control wire version), allows the charger to work.

So this became v1.15:


Then, i decided to change the diagram for the controller J1 and J2 wires to reflect a bit more how it’s actually laid out instead of listing each wire in order.


So that’s where we are now.  Everything seems to be working!  Woohoo!




One response

9 08 2011

Nice v1.16 wiring diagram,
I use it as a base for my own wiring diagram.
But I see that the positive charger output is connected to the negative pole of the battery. I think this is not correct.

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