Happy New Year…& I’m back!

1 01 2011

Happy New Year!  Here’s looking to a great 2011!

So, as of last week, i’m walking again.  This is good news ‘cuz I can now pick up my daughter again, and also because i can work in the garage!

In the last couple of days, i’ve done a bunch of stuff…

I added another set of plates to the electronics tray.  I’m pretty sure this will be enough to get all of the electronics mounted.  Here’s a couple of pictures of the new tray setup.

Electronics shelf with new front section.

electronics shelf and batteries

I also was able to get the MiniBMS boards on one of the 6 cell packs (pack F if you’re wondering), and also the CellLog wires to that pack as well.  I wanted to see what the whole thing would look like.  I’m going to run 6 CellLogs. I could do 5, but it’s easier to have each CellLog do 6 cells (the math works out more evenly).  I also picked up a RC hobby balance charger, so i figure if i need to do a bunch of balance charging, instead of using the MiniBMS HVC facility (since i think my cells are kinda all over the place in terms of voltages).  These chargers use the same JST connector as the CellLog, so it’ll make it easy to balance charge 6 cells at a time if needed.

With the 27 cells (89 Volts), i can run my DC/DC converters, so i can start laying out all of the electronic components and testing them.  I don’t think i posted this yet, but i’ve been working on wiring diagrams for a while.  The latest is shown below:

Wiring Diagram v1.11

I also hooked up most of the original wiring harness so i plan on laying out the entire electrical system next.  I even found a couple of unused wires (well, unused now since there’s no engine) on the original wiring harness that i can use to hook in the “handlebar run switch”.  I was a little worried about that.  🙂

More soon, things are happening at a good clip now! :




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