New tires!

3 12 2010

So, the bummer about getting a 25 year old vehicle as a donor, is that there’s a lot of stuff you end up replacing.  In this case, i had to get new tires since the old ones were, well…. Read the rest of this entry »


Bench Testing the Motor

1 12 2010

i’ve been trying to bench test the motor to ensure that:

  • Everything works
  • I know how to wire things without something going “boom”.

Upon the first try, it failed.  I had most everything setup properly,… Read the rest of this entry »

An aside…my Nissan LEAF

1 12 2010

Or…future Nissan Leaf that is.

I’ve got a LEAF on order.  Hopefully, i’ll get a delivery date in the January 2011 timeframe, but it may be later.

In any case, I had my EVSE installed today,… Read the rest of this entry »