Bench Testing the Motor

1 12 2010

i’ve been trying to bench test the motor to ensure that:

  • Everything works
  • I know how to wire things without something going “boom”.

Upon the first try, it failed.  I had most everything setup properly,…but still nothing worked.

The setup wasn’t pretty:

First Bench Test Setup

This was pretty much slapped together, and although it was functional, it was a little sketchy having some of the power wires not secured.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  The motor wouldn’t spin. I verified that all of the low voltage wires were hooked up correctly, and that the traction pack wires were also hooked up correctly.  However the motor still wouldn’t spin.

I asked about it on (, and also to mark from enertrac.  He mentioned to make sure that the traction wires and controller were running off of separate packs (or via a DC-DC converter).  In my original attempt, i had both the traction pack and the controller on the same pack.

After a bit of a mishap that involved shorting the power lines:

Well, that's not what was supposed to happen...

i decided to re-mount all of the pieces on a piece of wood so that I could avoid that:

Bench Test Setup after rewiring

I also changed it so there are separate packs for the controller and the traction pack.

I also received a new firmware from Kelly controllers.  On the night i did the new setup, i didn’t have time to flash the controller, so i decided to try to verify that all of the wiring was correct.  Once i hooked everything up, and was testing the 0-5V line from the throttle wiper, the motor started spinning!

Spinning Motor!

Woohoo!  Here’s a video too:

So victory for now!  On to more stuff!




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