So where the hell have I been?

6 10 2010

So, it’s been MONTHS since i posted last.  Sorry about that. After posting the stuff about the TTXGP in may, i got a little discouraged because i wasn’t even close to being completed by my original target finish date (the TTXGP!).  So, i sulked on it for a while, and worked on my welding here and there on occassion.

I guess another issue is that my daughter turned 1 in May as well, which wouldn’t have caused too much of a problem with the project, except that shortly after turning 1, she learned how to walk.  Now we’re all doomed! 🙂  Finding time to work on the project has become increasingly more difficult as time goes on.  Much more fun on the baby front, but much more difficult to find “extra” time to work on the emoto.

In any case, i got a second wind about a month ago, and started doing more welding.  I’m actually pretty close to finishing the battery cage now.  Probably 2 or 3 more days of welding and it should be done.  This will be a major milestone.

I’ve also been working on the electronics, in particular schematics. I’ll post about those soon.

So, i’ll try to backfill some of the photos, though there isn’t too much right now.  Thanks for reading!