Fun at the TTXGP practice runs today.

14 05 2010

So, i’m back from the TTXGP practice runs today at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA.  Ok, so it’s actually the “AMA Moto Jam”, but i’m mainly interested in the TTXGP race and teams.

Going into the event, i had no idea what it was going to be like.  I wasn’t sure how busy it’d be on a friday for mainly practice runs and some qualifying races for the smog makers. turns out, it wasn’t all that crowded.  It was nice because i got to walk around and talk with some folks that would probably have been too busy if there were more people around.

I had read that Zero Motorcycles was going to let folks take test rides on their bikes.  I wasn’t sure if i’d have the chance, but i brought my gear just in case.  Turns out i was able to take a ride on their road bike, the Zero S, so i’m glad i did. I don’t have any pictures of the test ride, but it certainly was fun.  Infineon raceway is nestled in the sonoma hills, so the test ride went up and down some not-too-shallow hills.  The bike was able to handle it with ease.  I really enjoyed the ride, and am more excited for my bike now.  I hope it at least is close to the zero’s performance.

Turns out, the electric race teams were in an area where just any old shmoe like me could walk around in.  I spent a bunch of time in that area, trying to simultaneously talk to folks, yet not be too intrusive.  I met up with David Herron (who runs V is for Voltage, and writes for  I know David from meeting up with him at the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley (EAASV).  I also introduced myself to a couple of different people (a marketing person from Intel who’s working with Azhar Hussain on the Mavizen bike), a bunch of werkstatt people, and some others.

I thought i’d get a chance to catch up with some of the guys.  I had been texting Harry (brammofan), but it didn’t happen.  I know travis gintz (frodus) is going to be there saturday and sunday, so when i go back on sunday, i’ll see him then.

Argh!  And i just found out that flaggh (Harlan Flagg) was in the pits too.  d’oh!  I had forgotten to call  him!  AIEEEEE…

Anyway, so i was able to take a bunch of pics and videos while there.  The gallery below has the pics.  I was (obviously) mostly interested in the electric motos, but i’m also including a couple of the good smog maker pics that i took too.  The videos will take a bit of time to get sorted out and put online, i’ll post those later!

Thanks for reading. 🙂




2 responses

15 05 2010

Great pics! Find me today… I’ll be walking around, but might be sticking close by the TTXGP tent. A bit worn out from last night. Didn’t see you at the party.

16 05 2010

Hi Alex,
Good meeting you at the TTXGP today, great pics, interesting blog and hoping to see that hub motor in action!
Todd of

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