ARGH, Battery Layouts!

25 03 2010

UUGH, so i’ve been building battery trays and trying to figure out how the subframe is going to work.  It’s giving me fits right now.  The screw-the-batteries-into-the-trays-via-the-endplates idea may not fly.  it may not be strong enough.

Also, there may not be enough room for pack B.  Using aluminum angle means that i need to leave enough space to get the batteries over the lip and into the trays.  the extra space adds up to a lot.

uugh…more to follow…

and more battery frame ideas

13 03 2010

As i as describing in my previous post, i’ve been struggling with how to make sure that the batteries stay in the frames.  I went over a bunch of different ideas, and thought the latest plan was to weld or epoxy bars to the Thundersky  end plates sort of like this:

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

End plates showing welded or expoxied bars

Then, tapping holes in the bars/end plate and using screws to keep them anchored to the angle aluminum. This allowed me to keep all of the … Read the rest of this entry »