More building…12V electrical system guts.

15 02 2010

This has been a good weekend for electriceptor.  I was able to work on the 3 cell packs on saturday, and also make sure that the existing 12V electrical system works properly too.

At some point, i decided to strip the bike down to the frame so that i could get it sandblasted and re-powder coated.  During this process, i removed the entire electrical system.  The problem was that during the engine removal, i disconnected a bunch of parts of the electrical system and threw them in a box.  Some of this stuff was for the engine, so i didn’t label it all.  When i went back to rebuild the electrical, i wasn’t sure what was actually needed and what wasn’t.

Thankfully, this is a motorcycle, so there’s not much to it in terms of the electrical i need: headlight (hi and lo beam), turn signals, key, brake lights, dashboard lights).  i was able to lay everything out on the floor and piece it back together (labeling everything this time!)  Now i have a fully functional electrical system that i can either modify for use with the new traction pack and other 12V items, or use as a template and rebuild the entire thing from scratch.  Since i don’t need any of the engine wiring, i can remove a fair bit of it from the existing wiring harness and whatnot.

Being that it’s working, i’m inclined to stick with it.

The video above is of the electrical system laid out on my living room floor.

I’m excited now that i’ve been working on actually building stuff, not just tearing things down.

More to come! hopefully things will happen a bit faster now. 🙂




3 responses

24 03 2010
Paul Wayper

Actually, the turn signals should be off all the time and should only blink when you activate the turn switch. I have no idea what’s going wrong there, so I can’t help you with what to look for 🙂

Have fun,


6 04 2010

Paul, a bunch of people have told me that Honda’s use their front blinkers as running lights, so it’s working properly.

Thanks though!

10 06 2010

hey, i was doin a little research on my future electric motorcycle project, and i came up with an idea to save some power. im guessing all those lights in the 12 volt system are, like most motorcycles built around that time, using incandescent light bulbs. so my idea was to swap them all out for some LED assembly bulbs, just a thought, lol

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