Mounting batteries

21 02 2010

So, it seems like the battery layout I came up with (as shown in a previous post) will work out ok, but the one thing that’s still been bugging me is how to ensure that the batteries stay firmly in the frame. I don want them jumping out when I hit a bump.

Others have done nylon straps of various sorts, and it seems doable. but for some reason, I’m looking for something different.

I’ve been looking for a way to either screw or clamp them in place. After sitting and staring at the angle aluminum and my packs for a good while, I think I have a plan. It involves tapping sone screw holes in a piece of flat bar aluminum, welding (or riveting) a that bar to the bottom of the Thundersky end plates.

More info and diagrams to follow…

More building…12V electrical system guts.

15 02 2010

This has been a good weekend for electriceptor.  I was able to work on the 3 cell packs on saturday, and also make sure that the existing 12V electrical system works properly too.

At some point, i decided to strip the bike down to the frame so that i could get it sandblasted and re-powder coated.  During this process, Read the rest of this entry »

3 cell packs are done!

15 02 2010

So, building 6 of those 3 cell packs took a while.  there were 48 bands that i had to rework as per the last post (8 bands per pack, 6 packs).  here’s a pic of them all happy and finished.

All of the 3 cell packs, ready to go.

Closeup of the packs, notice the longer ends on the part of the strap that was resized.

Now i just need to figure out how to get them mounted in the battery frames.

Making Thundersky Packs

4 02 2010

Ack, no updates in a long time.  There’s actually been a bunch of stuff going on too!

In the middle of January, i received my batteries from Thundersky and EVComponents.  Woo!  Here are a couple of iPhone pics of the batteries.

The box of Thundersky batteries with a 6 pack pulled out.

Another view of the batteries

Unfortunately, when i ordered the batteries, Read the rest of this entry »