New Battery Layouts (with CAD drawings)

15 12 2009

So, in my last post, i was mentioning that i can’t do CAD, and that i wished i could to get a better picture of how the batteries, battery tray/frame, and moto frame would fit together.

So, one night last week when i couldn’t sleep, i tried out Google Sketchup, a 3D modeling program.  Working on modeling is way different than i’m used to.  But i was able to stumble through to generate a representation of a battery.

Scale model of Thundersky 60Ah battery

From there, i did different sized packs of batteries, then laid out the battery tray and tried to do the motorcycle frame.

A 3pack and 6 pack of cells.

View of Battery Tray

Another view of the battery tray

The Battery Tray in the moto frame, notice the three 6packs stick outside the frame

Another view of the battery tray in the moto frame.

All of the batteries and tray inside the moto frame

All batteries, tray, and moto frame superimposed on a picture of the moto.

Altogether, it now looks like this:

This process has been very enlightening, entertaining, and frustrating at times.  but overall, i think i have a better idea of how things will work and i feel a bit more confident that i’ll be able to get all of the batteries in the frame like this (or something like it).  I’m still not sure if i’ll be able to make the battery tray out of aluminum (and what thickness), or if i should just go with steel.  There’s a thread over at elmoto about that.

As with most 3D modeling programs, Sketchup does simple animations, so i put one together.  it’s easier to see what’s going on in the vid (once the sketchup part starts)

Well, that’s it for now.  Lots to do, and the weather hasn’t been cooperating, so i haven’t been able to do much physically (which worked out ok since i’ve been messing with sketchup for a couple of days).  BTW, why do i need the weather to work out? ‘cuz my garage is completely full and in order to do work, i have to haul everything out of the nooks and crannies that i’ve got them stuffed into in order to have any room to work.




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27 12 2009

dude that looks really cool!! one question though, have you landed on a BMS yet?? thats one thing i havnt been able to get a straight answer about

27 12 2009

Ah…the BMS. Yeah, that’s a tough one. I’m using a “DIY” one designed by Fechter and Goodrum (commonly called the Fechter/Goodrum BMS) on the endless-sphere forums ( AndyH from the forums is building them and selling them (

I’m planning on posting about what i’m learning about BMS’s on this blog.

Thanks for asking.

BTW, check on and for more info about what others are doing about BMS’s.

9 03 2011

Do you have measurements for the grooves in the sides of the cells? I’m trying to model them, and haven’t seen those measurements.

9 03 2011

I sure do. Do you have sketchup? it’s probably easiest if i post the sketchup drawings for you.

9 03 2011

No, but I can get it, right?

Where did you get the measurements? I’ll be using them in blender (another 3D modelling program).

9 03 2011

Yeah, you can get sketchup from google. I’m using the free version. As for the measurements, i measured them off the batteries themselves.

Good Luck!

9 03 2011

Here you go…I tried sending it to you, but the server denied a 135K file?! 🙂

Good Luck!

9 03 2011

Got it, thanks.

Yeah, my size limit is low because of my weird spam filtering setup.

9 03 2011

heh. ok. If getting sketchup is too much of a PITA for you, lemme know and i’ll get the dimensions out of the model.

20 03 2011
Jordan Peterson

I’m making use of Google Sketch, and as well using the 60AH ThunderSkys. Rather than redraw the 60AH Battery, would it be too much to ask if I could have your battery component drawing to save time?

I like the bike. I have an 87 Interceptor VFR700F2 with the gear cam and love the bike. The data you’ve supplied is irreplaceable!!

Thank you!


20 03 2011

sure, check out that link above:

That’s the battery drawing i used.

Thanks! and Good Luck!

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