More Battery Mockups!

8 12 2009
Woohoo! I got an inspiration for working with different battery orientations after looking at some bikes from a professional electric motorcycle designer (Justin G) that i got from an posting. In particular, this one:…uper-bike.html (click on the image to get a better look). I’m still working off of mockups with a fair amount of slop (and i’m not sure how much i’m going to need between the packs), but i’m hoping this works…it’s now 36 in the frame!
Here are two diagrams showing layouts…

Original battery layout (30 cells)

New battery layout (36 cells) as of 2009-12-08

If it works, i don’t have to do saddlebags for batteries. That would kick major butt.

On, there were some discussions about battery orientations, but i think frodus (travis) at the time said the main concern is that if a battery heats up and blows, it’ll spit hot lithium paste out the vent and it could get on the rider if it’s not mounted vertically. I’m going to put a box around the cells, so i’m not super worried about that (famous last words…).

As an aside…ok, so i’m a graphics guy…i used illustrator. I can’t do CAD to save my ass. I wish i could at this point :-/ . Hell, i should really get my wife to teach me. She’s an architect. But i digress…

Yipee! I hope this works.




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