Battery Mockups.

6 12 2009

Now that the gas guzzling engine is out of the bike, i can now start trying to figure out where the batteries go (which let’s me ignore the last of the cleanup items i have to do such as strip the electrical so i can clean, sand, prime, and repaint the frame).

The Thundersky batteries that i’m using (60Ah LiFePO4) are 215 x 115 x 61mm (as per the TS specs). i built a bunch of boxes the size of one, three, and six batteries and tried placing them in the frame.  I’m not sure how the different battery boxes that i’m going to have to build will fit in with the frame since it’s already pretty tight with the mockups i have.

proposed battery locations. banks are labeled with an ID and number of batteries.

Here are two pics show alternate views, with the fairings and without:

with fairings, 6 wide is going to be tight!

another view without the fairings.

From the mockups, i think i can fit 6 batteries wide within the fairings, though it’s pretty tight. My mockups aren’t exact, and markcycle said he thinks there’s about 1/2 inch extra due to the compression plates. I put a bit of a fudge factor in the boxes, so i’ll have to see once i get the batteries.

I’m still planning on 36 in the bike. the current mockup i have will put 30 in the frame proper. i could probably put a few more where the gas tank goes, but i need to leave space for the charger in that location i think. I’m hoping to put the controller behind the battery box near by the rear shock and the rest of the electrical will occupy the places where the old electrical and other pumps used to be. that may mean i have to put the last 6 batteries in a saddlebag contraption i’ll build.

I’m planning on building the battery boxes out of angle aluminum either bolted or riveted together (i don’t have the skills to weld it). I wish i could get started on the boxes now, but since i don’t have exact measurements, i don’t think it’s a wise idea to do that yet.

Here’s a (somewhat long winded) video of what i’ve been thinking about batteries:

if you think of another layout that will get me more than 30 in the frame, let me know!

I thought the fairings might give me more space to put batteries since they’re wider than the frame and i originally thought i’d stay within the frame boundaries. i think that’s true, but it ended up being a bit of a double-edged sword since i originally thought i’d put some (maybe horizontally) under the frame, but with the fairings, i can’t use that location.

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