More dismantling

16 11 2009

The last couple of days have been working more on the dismemberment and dismantling of the original bike.

I didn’t think i was going to get into the heavy stripping of components yet, but after i got started on removing the rear brake assembly for Mark at EnerTrac, I kept going.

Here’s some additional pictures of parting out the bike.  The first one shows the wheel off but the tank on.  The rest is where we are today: tank, rear brake, fender, parts of the electrical system, battery, both mufflers and the front exhaust removed.  Oil has been drained and progress is being made to removing the engine. Ha, i almost feel like i could change my own oil in my car now…though i probably won’t.

I like the night pics, i have a couple of worklights that i put up.  Since i have multiple lights and a static subject, it lets me test new stuff with lighting.




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