11 11 2009

I first found Elmoto.net (http://www.elmoto.net) when I was doing research on the Electric Motorsport GPR-S. At that point, i was kicking around the idea of upgrading from my Zapino to a real moto and was considering buying one.

I can’t remember at which point when I went from thinking about buying an electric motorcycle to building one, but I’m pretty sure that elmoto.net was a big of the reason (and i thought i’d be able to build a bike for cheaper than i could buy one…this is yet to be seen though).

The group of people that frequent the site have been exceptionally supportive to me and everyone else who chimes in asking questions and talking about their projects.

There are a couple of other sites that I peruse regarding electric vehicles and motorcycles such as endless-sphere.com (http://www.endless-sphere.com/forums) (which is more geared towards bicycles, but has an incredible amount of information about low level battery tech, charging, and management. And also is where I found the EnerTrac hub motor), but I find that elmoto is the place I go to first when I need help, support, guidance, or just random information about EVs in general, but especially about motos.




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