Moto requirements

10 11 2009

I have a Zapino scooter.  it goes about 15miles on a full charge when going pretty much full throttle all the way.  Unfortunately, since the max speed of the scooter is about 40mph, even on the surface streets around where i live, I have to go full throttle or feel like i’m a problem on the road.

So, for my home-built moto, i figured i wanted it to go about 50 miles and have a max speed of about 70mph (highway speed).  I’m not particualrly interested in going on the highway, but i’d like to be able to if needed.

On the endless-sphere forum, i found a comapny who makes a motorcycle class hub motor.  the company is EnerTrac, and the guy running the show over there is the most excellent Mark Gelbien.  I decided that I would go with the EnerTrac MH602 motor and try to put in 36 Thundersky 60Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO40 batteries. That’s a LOT of batteries to put in a motorcycle.  Going with the hub motor means that i can hopefully fit more batteries into the main part of the bike.  Again, 36 is a lot, so the hub motor may help the cause.




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