ICE Be Gone!

29 11 2009

So, yesterday was the day to remove the old ICE (internal combustion) engine.

I had most everything setup or taken out as it may be.  My friend Michael was able to help with the final steps.  I setup my camera to take photos every 20 seconds to create a time-lapse set.  The gallery shows some of the photos, and there’s a vid too!


Full Fairings Video

23 11 2009

I did a walkaround of the full fairings. here it is.

Full Fairings!

22 11 2009

A kind soul named serjohn on was offering a chin fairing for the price of shipping. When i contacted him about it, he mentioned he had an aftermarket fairing set that was in decent condition which he would let go for a nominal fee. So for $55 (25 for the fairings + $30 for shipping), i got a full fairing set! They’re in much better condition than i thought they would be. Woohoo!

I like these fairings first off, because they were a steal. Second because these go back farther towards the rear wheel than others i’ve seen (the airtech-streamlining type:, and the one that the Nationals Fiberglass guy makes has cutouts for the alternator and other casing cover on the other side). These don’t have that cutout, which works out better for me since i’m getting rid of those things. Also, the fourth picture shows the extra space on the outside of the frame which i may be able to use for more battery space. I’m not sure about that given the internal frame.

I’m still working on dismantling things. I’m working on getting the engine ready for removal. The Clymer book says to remove things like the starter motor and alternator before removing the engine, but i’m not really sure i need to so that.

Liquids and other yucky stuff

19 11 2009

So, in preparation for removing the engine, the Clymer book said to drain the oil and coolant.  Now, i’ve never been much of a car wrench, so i haven’t done much of this.  It ended up being relatively easy, but the aftermath of cleaning up and dealing with the used oil/coolant/gas. is a pain.  Thankfully, the county is having a hazardous waste pickup day this coming saturday close to where we live, so i can take it there

What i’m looking for in a bike

17 11 2009

So, i mentioned in an earlier post that i originally thought i’d be able to build a bike for a couple grand.  Well, after thinking about my desires for an electric motorcycle, that cost jumped a bit….ok more than a bit.

What i’m hoping to get in the end is a motorcycle that will:

  • go 65-70mph (highway speed)
  • get at least 55 miles per charge, but hopefully more than that
  • have enough acceleration to beat out your average car from a stop when driving in traffic.  This isn’t particularly hard since most people don’t gun it from the line at a stop light. But my scooter is underpowered so accelerates pretty slowly.

That being said, i decided to throw as much in the way of batteries as i thought i’d be able to get away with. A guy in Florida with the screen name “remotecontact” on started on a project similar to me a few weeks before i got started.  He started with a 2009 Ninja 250 and is planning on using the same EnerTrac hub motor, with 32 Thundersky 60Ah batteries.  that works out to 6.1KWh.

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More dismantling

16 11 2009

The last couple of days have been working more on the dismemberment and dismantling of the original bike.

I didn’t think i was going to get into the heavy stripping of components yet, but after i got started on removing the rear brake assembly for Mark at EnerTrac, I kept going.

Here’s some additional pictures of parting out the bike.  The first one shows the wheel off but the tank on.  The rest is where we are today: tank, rear brake, fender, parts of the electrical system, battery, both mufflers and the front exhaust removed.  Oil has been drained and progress is being made to removing the engine. Ha, i almost feel like i could change my own oil in my car now…though i probably won’t.

I like the night pics, i have a couple of worklights that i put up.  Since i have multiple lights and a static subject, it lets me test new stuff with lighting.

evalbum page

16 11 2009

EVAlbum is a website that contains pictures and some details about various peoples’ EVs. The website is

I put the Electriceptor up on the site, and it can be found at: